Cameron Clegg Research Paper

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On October ninth 1966, David William Donald Cameron was born into a wealthy British family. He was raised in Peasemore, Berkshire by his stockbroker father Ian, and mother Mary Fleur, a retired justice of the peace. At the age of 13, Cameron graduated from the Heatherdown Preparatory School and went on to study at the infamous Eton College. After Preparatory School, Cameron was accepted into Oxford, where he graduated in 1988, with a first-class honors degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. For the next five years, Cameron worked for the Conservative Party's research department. It is rumored that Cameron only received this prominent position due to family connections. In 1991, Cameron worked under Prime Minister John Major. Cameron …show more content…

Ironically, he acted as trade negotiator with China and Russia as a senior member of Tory Leon Britain’s office. In 1999, Clegg was elected a Member of the European Parliament for East Midlands. His grounded and rounded European outlook had political benefits. Clegg’s European friendly approach helped persuade Conservative MEP Bill Dunn to defect to the Liberal Democrats in 2000. Clegg has structured his political persona as friendly and approachable. After working five years for the European Parliament, Clegg became the leader of the Liberal Democrats and won a Parliamentary seat in Sheffield. Clegg proved to be very popular with British voters finding him “refreshing” and “revolutionary” , and after the Leaders debate in 2010 he surged in the polls. His popularity was labeled “Cleggmania” by the press. In 2010, Clegg changed British politics forever, when the 2010 general election results yielded a hung parliament. After five days of anxious deliberation, the Liberal Democrats decided to unite with the Tory Party and Nick Clegg became the Deputy Prime Minister. Unfortunately, Clegg found it difficult to secure his viewpoint within the minister’s cabinet, and conceded several of the Liberal Democrats foundational policies. Voters became disenchanted with Clegg and the Lib Dems and in the 2015 General election the

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