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Money or Politics?
It is interesting to read about the process, terms, and important events that makeup all aspects of today’s campaign financing. While many are experts in the field of campaign financing, it is fascinating for someone like myself who does not have an in depth understanding of this vital electoral activity to also learn of its many defects. An activity that is supposed to ultimately be the means that politicians use to transmit their message to the public, in addition to being a way of enhancing democracy by allowing voters to become inform of all candidates is shown to have the opposite effect due to its funding. These assigned readings allow individuals to grasp on to the complexity and inefficiency of campaign financing. …show more content…

The author explains that campaign financing has undergone many changes throughout time, some might consider these good and some might think of these critically. Campaign financing deals with the resources and the ways that political candidates running for either a federal or state offices acquire and are permitted to obtain such monetary backing for their campaigns. Candidates acquire such funding from distinct sources like, the government, interest groups with party affiliation (PACS), interest groups that are not affiliated to a party (super PACS), self, and individual citizens whom are the source where the most money is gathered from. The chapter mentions that in the nineties and early 2000’s campaign financing was not as expensive. Campaign financing is tactically used to shun candidates that are not in good financial …show more content…

One is able to discern the argument of both liberals and conservatives. I believe that the issue is far beyond party biases and it is one that needs to be eradicated by the courts. A better system is to be put in placed that gives equal opportunity for political candidates to compete for election and remove the importance of money in the electoral campaigns. Clean elections like that practiced in states like Maine, should be considered at the federal level where the government can level the playing field for all parties and candidates by providing equal funds. Furthermore, one may even go as far as suggesting the implementation of a federal campaign financing system that collects all donations made by contributors and distribute such evenly; this way the government is no longer concern with corruption but rather with political equality and

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