Camping: The Rescue of Jack and Taylor Essay

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“I have a surprise for you!” Jack yelled as he pushed open the door to his modest, one-bedroom apartment that he shared with his wife, Taylor. They were both still young, so they could not afford a huge extravagant house in the country, but they were happy to live in the hustle and bustle of the loud New York.
“What is it?” responded Taylor, peeking around the corner from the kitchen. She was trying to stifle her amusement at Jack’s excitement.
“In honor of our one year anniversary, we are going camping!”
“Camping? Where? We live in the middle of the city!”
“We are going to drive to the Appalachian Mountains, about forty-five minutes from here! It will take about 4 days: two days up, two days down.” Jack seemed so excited, Taylor could …show more content…

Hours passed, and it would not stop snowing. They did not try to go back down the mountain, in fear they could fall off a hidden cliff that they could not see coming. It was torture. As time passed, waiting out the snowstorm became very boring. Jack and Taylor played games, told jokes, anything to make the time pass. Taylor reached into her backpack to find something for them to eat. Her face turned white and she let out a little scream.
“What happened?” Jack asked, alarmed.
“The food… it’s gone!” Taylor answered, still in shock. Jack crawled over to the bag, wanting to see it for himself. It looked like some animal and gotten into their tent and ate most of the food out of it, leaving only a couple of granola bars and a sandwich. Taylor and Jack were so distraught and worried. They knew it could be weeks before they could go back down the mountain. How were they going to sustain themselves with what little food they had? They tried to ration out the food as well as they could, but they knew sooner or later the hunger might get the best of them. All of Jack and Taylor’s friends knew they were going camping, so they did not expect to hear from them for four days. That meant that there was no hope for rescue, at least for a few days. They tried using their cell phones to call for help, but they had no service. It was impossible for them to even step outside of their tent without being blasted with

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