Can Do Descriptors

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The Can Do Descriptors are a great resource for teachers who have ELL in their classroom. Aside from using this as a gude for proficiency standards, teachers can use this as a tool for obtining information about their students who are ELL's. As stated on the WiDA Website teachers can, "Use to plan with tutors or mentors who work with English language learners. Develop or co-develop lessons and units of study with differentiated language objectives. Observe and note levels of student performance as a precursor assessment." Those are just some of the ways teachers can use the Can Do Descriptors as a tool to implement information about students English langugae proficiency.
Differentiating instruction for ELLS is extremly inportant for their success in school. Sheltered Contenent Instruction state, "REsearch suggests that English learners benefit from a seperate block of time for ELD or ESL." They also stated that sometimes this can not happen due to the large amount of ELL's in a classroom. In this case the teacher can co teach with an ESL teachers to help these students. …show more content…

This is why we have these resources to help these student succeed with their langauge barrier. Below I have listed some differentiated instruction for ELLs at different proficiency levels that I found of Wida website. It is important to differentiate these levels because this is what is apropreitte for the students age, and english proffesiancy level. You would not want to put a student who is a ELL in a level 5 when he or she is still in a begnnig level 2. These stages work in steps because each stage builds off of one

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