Can The World Support More People?

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The UK population in mid-1999 was estimated to be 59.5 million people; 7.2 million people living in London. In 2013, the UK population grew to 63.23 million people with 8,173,941 million people living in London. The population in the UK has grown over 3 million people! In the world, the population in mid-1999 was 6 billion people. Today, the world population has grown to 7.148 billion people. By 2050, the world population is expected to get to 9.6 billion people! Can the world support that many people?
There are many reasons for rapid increase of population. These include ignorance and responsibility of parenthood. The belief of more children means there are more earners in the family which means they can afford more things like food and bills. As well as that, there is a decrease in deaths because of the better medical care in hospitals and better hygiene. However, these reasons are also bad because the more people living in the world, the fewer things there are in life for young/other people. This includes: less food, fewer places to live, lack of natural resources and not many jobs available for them. As well as that, wildlife and animal habitats will be ruined as it will be even more crowded than it is now.
However, some places may not be affected. Countries like the USA and the UK are known as MEDC. This means that they are a ‘more economically developed country’ and the population is stable enough to not be affected as much. Countries like Ethiopia and Uganda,

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