Poverty in Places Such as Africa

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There are many different forces that cause poverty in America as well as other places around the world. All countries and or territories have some type of poverty, No one can deny that. Different forces such as bad government policy, overpopulation, high standards of living, costs of living, environmental degradation, and lack of individual responsibility are some of the forces that contribute to poverty. The poor in developing countries are trapped. They lack education, good nutrition, and a safe place to raise their families. They cope with harsh social, economic, and environmental hardships that leave them cold, hungry and sick.
Overpopulation can result from high population density. Only a certain number of people can be supported on a given area of land, and that number depends on how much food and other resources the land can provide. This can lead to environmental degradation. High birth rates contribute to overpopulation in many developing countries. Children are assets to many poor families because they provide labor, usually for farming. Also, the governments of developing countries often provide little or no support, financial or political, for family planning, even people who want to keep their families small have difficulty doing so. For all these reasons, developing countries tend to have high rates of population growth.
In America, The lack of affordable housing and Medical care is a major cause for poverty. The cost of medical care these days is ridiculous.

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