Can Videogames Be A Work Of Art?

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Can videogames be a work of art? Many would agree that it is a work of art because everyone can play a video but not everyone can be good at it. As a matter of fact many people fight over this topic because for one many people think that videogames are a waste of time but they are not.There are many ways that it is express like art.For example the graphics for video games you need to draw and sketch and obviously be creative.Or the way the game is created. In a youtube video by a youtuber known as Top Hats and Champagne he said “ If a piece of block or a person can be art why can’t videogames be a work of art.” Just like pieces of art that can make you cry and feel anger, scared all sorts of feelings a video game can do the same or even …show more content…

Video games should be considered a work of art.
Video games and art have a lot in common just that because many don't see videogames as art they see video games more as like entertainment. Just like you can get a scholarship for being an artist and painting a drawing. Video games can give you that opportunity also there's scholarships that they give for being very good at playing video games. Many don’t see videogames as art but why if just like an art piece it has many features that make it art. If we can get a lot of stuff from analyzing a painting that can have a lot of meaning why can't we do the same about a video games. Yes some would agree that video games are a work of art in a debate they asked the same question “can videogames be a work of art.” 78% said yes it is a work of art and 22% said no it's not. One of the person who said no said this “ Art cannot be replaced. Video games is in front of a …show more content…

Art can be interpreted in many ways just not painting for an example people that can play sports and be really good at is considered art ,but why can’t video games be considered art. Video games have people or better say artist have to draw the characters and everything only difference they draw it on computers. Many would oppose that video games don't help in any way just make us more stupider waste of time and make us into zombies that's not right. A study proved that it actually helps more than we think.The other side would oppose in many ways saying video game is not art it’s a waste of

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