Can You Ever Felt The Need For Power?

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Have you ever felt the need for power? For love? For money? Of course you have, that’s a silly question. Everyone loves money and that’s just a fact. You may be one of those stuck up people who says money doesn’t buy happiness. That the only important thing is that we are supported and have people that love us. In the end though, would you rather be homeless and live amongst rats covered in feces and sewage pipes reeking of sour milk or in a multi-million dollar mansion with people tending to your every need? I for one would rather spend my time in a posh neighborhood with nicely trimmed electric green front lawns complete a bartender and a maid. I may be wrong though, and there are some folks in the world that wouldn’t want to live this kind of life and that’s swell, I commend your bravery. However, this guide is not about the conditions of your life, but it is the guide to making a million dollars. Further your knowledge of this wonderful, but stressful, journey as you continue to read the following text. Every success story begins somewhere and for you the story begins in kindergarten. You may think, why? But what you obviously don’t know is that getting good grades in kindergarten is the foundation for your work ethic, personality, and brains. It is imperative that you get the top grades one can achieve and that you are enrolled in a kindergarten where you pay at least $10,000 a year. If you don’t attend such a school, then your success story ends here. There is no way

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