CanGo Online Gaming Industry

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The largest factor which must be examined in regards to CanGo entering the online gaming industry is the probability of success, which is measured by profit. Upper management must consider many financial factors that will be imperative to the overall success of the company. In order to implement the new sector into the company auspiciously, expenses in relation to human resources, supply and logistics management, marketing, and the procurement and deployment of new and existing technology/methodologies must be examined. The company has currently projected an increase of 500% in net sales which will cause an increase in expenses to accommodate the resources required to handle the upsurge of demand. CanGo will need to hire new personnel in order to maintain order demand and will also require new technical staff members in order to implement and maintain the required hardware and software necessary for on-line gaming. CanGO must also account for storage and trucks required for shipping. One of the most important and potentially largest expenses CanGo must consider is marketing in regards to the on-line gaming industry. Examining all previously mentioned items will assist in the assessment of profitability for CanGo within the on-line gaming industry. Recommendation: Many new businesses and projects fail due to not properly completing a profit analysis projection. Completing a projected profit analysis allows upper management, stakeholders, and key decision-makers to make

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