Canada 's Economy And The Economy

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Canada’s economy is currently growing and statistics show the economy is expected to continue to grow in the following years. In addition, consumer spending has increased and the housing market conditions have improved. The demand for oil and energy is at an all-time high and the demand is expected to increase through 2017. However, expanded a business into a new market also comes with high risks and potential losses. Major corporations such as Target have tried to enter the Canadian market, but ended up failing and losing profits. In this section, I will discuss economic conditions, business conditions, and risks.
Economic Conditions
Canada is similar to the US in its market-oriented economic system, production, and standards of living. Canada’s economy grew steadily from 1993 through 2007; however, due to downturns in the global financial markets, Canada’s economy followed suit. By the end of 2008’s meltdown, Ottawa experienced its first financial deficit in twelve years. “Canada’s major banks, however, emerged from the financial crisis of 2008-09 among the strongest in the world, owing to the early intervention by the Bank of Canada and the financial sector’s tradition of conservation lending practices and strong capitalization” (CIA, 2015). Canada achieved some moderate growth in 2010-14 and plans to balance the budget by the end of 2015, despite the recent drop in oil prices. Previous growth in its dealings with the U.S. have made Canada the world’s fifth-largest oil
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