Canada's Contribution To The World

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Canada’s role in intervening in world incidents that pertain to humankinds’ wellbeing had different impacts. It has only been over a hundred years since Canada has emerged into the international arena. In the early twentieth century it made its contributions to the world even when not being an autonomous state. Canada has joined different organizations that showed its stance in the world. As time progressed the country’s reputation stems from its distinguished contributions to maintain peace. The country gained recognition for its efforts in the First World War; the most notable being their victory at Vimy Ridge. Canada acquired an independent seat when the League of Nations formed and partook in signing the Treaty of Versailles. As Canada developed a sense of independence, this meant they’d be an influence on foreign affairs, separate from Britain. During the interwar periods, Canada got more involved in trades and immigration. Soon after the Great Depression, another great …show more content…

During World War Two, Canada had its share of negativity. Anti-Semitism was spreading all over the west and Canada was no exception. A ship containing Jewish

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