Canadian Explorers

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The explorers that partook in the great challenge of discovering what is now Canada, is a fascinating and appealing topic for Canadian Historians. This essay will examine the lives of Jacques Cartier, Henry Hudson, William Stuart, George Vancouver, and Sir Horatio Thomas Austin, who were all Canadian explorers. The themes that are compared for each individual are areas of discovery, First Nation contact, and life longevity and cause of death. Within the discussion, biographies of each explorers will be found in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, and the final source will be J.M Bumsted’s book, A History of the Canadian People. This Research Project will include a Graphic Analysis and an Essay. In the Graphic Analysis, the comparison …show more content…

Although, Hudson’s whereabouts before 1607 are unknown, historians can still analysis the life events during the known time of Hudson existence. Between 1607 and the year Hudson died, 1611, Bumsted identifies three major event. The first of these events occurred in 1608 when Quebec gained the resident buildings by Samuel de Champlin. Champlin established a new trading post on the St. Lawrence and during the first year of building the new habitations, it went under attack. Fortunately, the post lasted and in the progress, Champlin associated with the First Nations; however, this led the French into violence against the Iroquois. During the same year, the outline of the arrangement to colonize New France started. Second, in Newfoundland, the first English incomers settled in Newfoundland in 1610. The arrival of the Europeans impacted the First Nations people greatly. The impact that the diseases, such as measles, smallpox, typus, and typiod, altered the lives of the First Nations people; Before the Europeans brought these disease to the continent of what is now Canada, the First Nations people were not immune to them and it caused tremendous damage to their communities. And finally, Frobisher’s voyage to the Northwest Passage inspired the great explorer, Henry Hudson. Within Bumsted, it mentions that Hudson was hired to explore the passage to Asia and in the progress he ended entering the Hudson Bay. Bumsted also mentions that the exploration that Hudson sailed was exceptional and it his search was a best known voyage In comparison to Bumsted, Henry Hudson’s biography references that he missed no prospect of landmarks on Quebec and the Diggs Island into the Hudson Bay itself. The biography mentions that Hudson succeeded in setting the further north record on his voyage, but the search for the Northeast Passage was not successful. Furthermore, when studying the biography of Henry

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