Canadian Peacekeeping In Canada

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Throughout the world, there has always been conflicts between different nations. One of Canada’s characteristics represents a defining aspect known as peacekeeping, through their beliefs and interests. Peacekeeping has always been a priority for Canadians to control conflict for Canada and other nations around the world. Peacekeeping in Canada began in 1957, when Lester B. Pearson believed that Canada should do something to ensure that nations could agree to have stable truces. Pearson proposed the idea of having an armed peacekeeping force. Peacekeeping is the active maintenance of a truce between nations or communities, especially in international military forces. Canada has significantly impacted peacekeeping, through sending troops on peacekeeping missions and showing how to resolve conflict, getting money and aid through communities to help more nations, and raising awareness on peacekeeping politically.
Canada evidently shows they have impacted peacekeeping by their willingness through sending their armed peacekeeping troops on missions. The Suez Canal was the construction of a massive canal to link the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. “Great Britain, France and Israel had attacked Egypt when
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The peacekeepers success is never guaranteed but they can always provide for these communities in difficult situations. “The approved budget for UN peacekeeping operations for the fiscal year 1 July 2016-30 June 2017 is $7.87 billion.” Different countries provide these contributions of this amount of money. Money is a very important aspect for peacekeeping, without the approved budget peacekeepers cannot provide aid such as the materials like food, clean water, medical supplies or whatever else they may
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