Peacekeeping An Effective Method Of Conflict Intervention Essay

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While peacekeeping has become a mainstay of the United Nations collaboration in international affairs, it is evident that peacekeeping no longer espouses the ideals it was create with. Peacekeeping has devolved into ineffective barbarisms. This is evident in the sexual abuses perpetrated by peacekeepers, the growing complexity of peacekeeping mandates, which is at times in conflict with United Nations principles, and the lack of legal institutions surrounding peacekeeping, which validates a belief of impunity. However, peacekeeping is not to be totally derided as, in certain situations, it can be effective at limiting civilian deaths. Furthermore, peacekeeping can be made effective if several reforms are enacted. These include an effective legal order, an understanding of local culture, and developing strong relationships within the jurisdiction of the operation. These changes could make peacekeeping an effective method of conflict intervention.
Peacekeepers have committed various sexual crimes against local populations whilst under the purview of the United Nations, yet few of these peacekeepers have ever been prosecuted for their crimes. The international community became aware of the damaging deficiencies of peacekeeping during the decade leading up to the twenty-first century (Wills 2013, 49; Odello and Burke 2016, 839). Additionally, despite being aware of the sexual crimes being committed by peacekeepers, very little has been accomplished to rectify the situation or to

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