Canadian Trade with the Chinese Agriculture Market

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Canada Trade with Chinese Agriculture Market Contents Executive Summary 3 1: Introduction 5 1.1: The Overview of the Chinese Economy 5 1.2: Canada trade with Chinese Agriculture market 6 2: Economic Liberalization 7 2.2: Better off for China 9 2.3: Potential Advantages for Canada 10 3: Economic Liberalization in China 10 References 13 Executive Summary The economists that support the ideologies of the economic globalization are of a strong assertion that this phenomenon has the power to shape and reshape progression in the economic activities and the economic globalization is hereby regarded positive stimulus that guard and ensure the enhanced excellence of life, a rapid increase in the economic activities but unfortunately this is not the case in all the situations. The unwanted by products of economic liberalization and economic globalization are hard felt in the developed countries like China. The following paper attempts to discourse the advantageous aspect of China's agricultural market. Up till now China has been excelling it the manufacturing and in the contributing to the cheap labors but the accession of china in the agriculture with Canada will further amplify the degree of changes. Economic liberalization is the system of economy that encounters to support the basic proposition of least government intervention to commence trade and commerce. Economic liberalization is considered to be the desired state of economy where all the factors

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