Cancer Is A Silent Rare Disease That Reeks Havoc On The Patient And Their Family Essay

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Dysgerminoma Cancer is a silent rare disease that reeks havoc on the patient and their family. This is one of the numerous types of cancers that has plagued my entire family. Dysgerminoma cancer is usually found in younger women. This rare cancer is very difficult to diagnose as there are very little symptoms. Dysgerminoma cancer symptoms are common symptoms most women face in their lifetime. Such as abdominal tenderness, pelvic pain and painful urination. This rare cancer is diagnosed by a routine pelvic exam. In some cases doctors will order a blood test to exam tumor markers. Dysgerminoma cancer usually does have a positive outlook in most cases. Especially when treated aggressively with chemo and radiation. In some cases women have surgery to remove the tumor entirely. However in some cases the cancer is known to metastasize. This is my moms story of her long treacherous journey dealing with this rare silent disease.
I had no symptoms, not one. I had a positive home pregnancy test, and went to my doctor. During my routine internal pelvic exam, he found a large mass in my abdomen. At that moment, the happiest day of my life quickly became the worst day of my life.
The “silent” disease turned my whole world upside down. I was told by one of my surgical consults to terminate my second pregnancy. So, they could immediately remove the cancerous tumor. I was told that this tumor would kill me. No questions if I left it untreated. So, I then requested another surgical

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