Cancerous Cells: A Case Study

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A) p53 is a protein in which it help detect damaged cells and is known for the prevention of cancer inhibiting cells. We would be creating a cell with the p53 protein to develops the growth of damaging the cancerous cell and building a
B) we would be developing a new machine that's capable of intracting p53 from the elephant in order to create the new cell. Elephants has
20 copies and 40 alleles, in which human only has one copy and two alleles of such genes. The elephants, having more cells than humans they are likely to fight off cancer, in which us humans can't prevent cancerous cells. Human needs and desire is being able to recreate in humans what elephant has naturally
C) our predictions in combining DNA may cause damage to either the
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I. the problem is trying to figure out wether both genes are compatible with each other, mixing two different genes and adding more p53 to the human cells. The outcomes of wether it would be a cure for the cancerous cells.
II. There're many possible criteria for success in finding a solution in how to cure cancer. Some of the criteria are radiation therapy I'm which it uses high energy particles or waves to destroy or damage cancer cells. Targeted therapy in which is some what similar to the p53 protein, that uses drugs or other substance in identifying and attacking cancer cells, and lastly soursop is a a fruit in which it can slow the spread of cancer.
III. Over five million that were served by one radiotherapy in the sun- Saharan Africa and there are over 5000 radio machines, there are many type of targeted therapy used today, not only does it help cancer from spreading and growing, but it also helps with different type of cancer and tumors. As mentioned in the soursop reviewed article " The adriamycin group displayed a 54.6% decrease in tumor mass" there are many different researcher that has shown how natural the fruit can be by curing the cancer. We feel that the targeted therapy would be
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H) interdependence of science, engineering, and technology it's a cycle that we come up with new and understanding knowledge, I'm human needs and create something that would help the environment, such as we though of how an elephant manage to get rid of cancer because of how many cells they have and how many p53 that humans don't have. That's when we think of the human needs and how it would help the environment in a positive way I like curing cancer within the human body.
I) we noticed that the protein p53 did something in elephants that didn't do in human, that's when we came into a conclusion that if there's many p53 in elephants what if we add more p53 in the human cells to prevent all the cancerous cells that are evolving in the humans body in which we create a new cell that would have many p53 and developed the cycle.
J) once we have the results we don't stop there we will keep thinking of new ways in how we can determined the cure of cancer and damage the cells without affecting it, we would recreate it and reexamine the proteins in the human cell. These steps science, engineering, and technology helps us to get an understanding of its
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