Candice Case

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a) Candice, being a creative and popular girl, keeps up with fashion trends so this outfit is suitable for her as the shoes are trendy and suited to her personality as it has an interesting design. The grey, cream and navy colours of the outfit are neutral and she can match the scarf, blazer, jeans and shoes with many other items to recreate another outfit. The outfit can be worn to both work and for social events so it suits Candice’s lifestyle.
b) The outfit is semi-formal which is suitable for working at an advertising agency. The blazer and heels keeps the look professional as well as stylish. Part of an advertiser’s job is to keep up with trends so their appearance should be attractive and fashionable. The outfit is accessorised with a fashionable handbag. Therefore this outfit is appropriate for working in the corporate world.
c) The fabric of the scarf is made from wool of the alpaca so it is warm and durable for cold conditions. The fabric is similar to wool but is warmer and softer. The blazer is made from cashmere blend which is a warm, soft fabric. Cashmere blend is often blended with wool so it …show more content…

Jobs mean people start increasing their living standards and the poverty rates drop. Subsequently, more people start contributing to the economy. If more companies participate in this campaign, more people will be employed under a “Fair Labour Practice” in which companies must comply with labour legislation and adhere to fair labour practices as it is one of the qualifying membership criteria. This will result in happier employees and better quality products and services. Unfortunately due to the lack of educational opportunities and resources , a majority of people are unable to find the types of jobs they desire and the necessary means of starting a local business. If local business growth is successful, it could safeguard jobs and promote the concept of self-reliance in the

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