Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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Ever since the eighteenth century there has been thousands of deaths in the United States because of the death penalty. While having an inmate sit in a jail cell for life can cost taxpayers a lot of money, I feel as if we should find alternative ways to hand down consequences because it does not decrease the murder rate, Taxpayers put millions of dollars into the death penalty system, The death penalty puts innocent lives in danger, and we force other civilians to kill another human being. Although capital punishment can decrease the population of many inmates that may have committed gruesome crimes, it cannot decrease the gruesome murders that are accruing every minute on the other side of prison walls. Since 2006, North Carolina has stopped executing inmates and since then the murder rate has declined. Most death row inmates committed their crimes because they are mentally ill, they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or just because they wanted too. This is because future consequences does not affect their behavior, which leaves them to continue to commit crimes regardless of if they get caught or not. Capital punishment will not straighten up America’s attitude. According to the Death penalty information center, states that abolished the death penalty has a murder rate that is almost 46% lower than states that still use it (‘NCCADP’). Unfortunately, executions are not of free service. Hard working people or taxpayers, sacrifice millions of dollars a year to

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