Capital Punishment Inhumane Research Paper

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Capital punishment often referred to as the death penalty is a government sanctioned punishment by death, crimes that are punishable by death include first degree murder, terrorism, and espionage (“Capital Punishment”). The death penalty can be viewed as inhumane because if someone is sentenced to death and later found to be innocent there's no bringing that person back to life. Today there are thirty-six countries that practice the death penalty and the U.S. is the only western country that still uses the death penalty(“Capital Punishment”). The U.S. being the only western country to still use capital punishment can cause controversy because of all the money that is spent on it. The death penalty is inhumane and puts an economic burden on…show more content…
population that finds the death penalty inhumane. A Quinnipiac poll found that 48% of Americans said that a person convicted of murder should be sentenced to life in prison without parole (Ross). Forty-Eight percent of the U.S. population is about 153 million people. Capital punishment goes against almost every religious group in the United States even though it is not stated in the bible (McEalee). This shows that even people who follow the bible on a day to day life go against it on certain issues. A survey of police chiefs in the U.S. from 2008 found that police chiefs across the U.S ranked capital punishment last among ways to reduce violent crimes (Rust-Tierney). Those are just some of the examples of people that find the death penalty inhumane. The state and federal government spends ridiculous amounts of money on the death penalty. One example of spending a ridiculous amount of money would be, Oregon spent $9 million dollars on the death penalty in one year (McEalee).That $9 million dollars could go towards improving roadways, improving public safety and, improving other public property. The average cost for a case with the death penalty as a result is around $1.26 million per inmate (McElaee). $1.26 million dollars for a single case is ridiculous and could be used more
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