Capital Punishment : Lethal Injection

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Capital Punishment The death penalty is the punishment by lethal injection for committing serious criminal offenses. There are 32 states, including California, which has the death penalty and 18 states where the death penalty is illegal. The jury convicts when the death penalty is going to be used. The New York Times board, 19 expertise journalists, wrote an editorial titled “The Humane Death Penalty Charade”, discussing that people should be against capital punishment because it is torture and unhuman. In the beginning, it was about how every individual that is executed by lethal injection suffer massively. People like Charles Warner and Clayton Lockett were two of the many people who passed their last few minutes slowly suffering. Next, there are many people who are either for or against capital punishment, but the reasons either side give are the most commonly heard. For example, people who are in favor of capital punishment claim that executing a murderer is a method to make sure that they will never kill or hurt anyone else. On the other hand, people who are against capital punishment say that murdering a person is a crime, no matter who does it. As a final point, the opinion of Alex Kozinski, a federal appellate judge in California, towards the death penalty. The editorial board’s rhetoric was not successful because it omitted lots of key points to make the reader change their opinion about capital punishment. The audience for this editorial would be a public that
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