Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment
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Capital Punishment was basically thought of for the good of society. The objective of Capital Punishment is to stop people from committing violent and offensive acts. Capital Punishment or the death penalty has failed however, to prevent or discourage crime. Moreover, it is cruel and gruesome.

At present there are five methods of execution. The most commonly used form of execution is by lethal injection. In this method the convict is first injected with sodium thiopental, which puts him to sleep, then he is injected with pavulon, which finally kills him. The next most common method of execution used is electrocution in which the person is tied with leather straps to a chair and
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Capital Punishment is not an appropriate way to punish any criminal because no one should have right to take another human's life, be it good or for the bad. Therefore, the state or the government should not posses that right. Therefore it should be abolished. it is unfair , unjust and immoral punishment; risk of being killed an innocent is not ruled out. Capital Punishment is more expensive than life imprisonment. Capital Punishment is cheapens the value of human life; Racism exists in Capital punishment. Capital punishment is a highly controversial and emotional subject. Thus it should be abolished.

Capital Punishment is unfair, unjust and immoral. “Elementary justice requires that the judicial functions of trial and sentencing be conducted with fundamental fairness, especially where the irreversible sanction of the death penalty in this world”. (Bedau) There has been good number of evidence to show that courts have been biased, unfair, and some extent discriminative or racially biased. Capital Punishment is unjust to the mentally ill people as well. The people who are legally classified, as mentally retarded should not be executed for their actions because these people do not know what they are doing, and the court system should not take their life away. According to Amnesty international " At least 45 people diagnosed as mentally ill or with mentally retardation have been executed in the US since

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