Capitalism, A Love Story By Michael Moore

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Capitalism definition is an “economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state”. I personally do agree with capitalism and how it works in today’s society. Different class people might have different opinions and ways they look and go through capitalism. They might have different opinions because of their income, loans, and how much money they personally have in the bank. Hand full of people get capitalism and socialism confused and in my opinion it is pretty simple. The differences are ownership, equality, efficiency, and employment. In capitalist how it is controlled by individuals and the property and business are owned by them as well. Capitalism has two sides to it; it can either hurt someone and their family or help them. In class we watched the film “Capitalism, a Love Story”, by Michael Moore that subjectively and objectively informed the viewers on the different situations happening in the result of capitalism. I believe that in the film “capitalism, a Love Story”, Moore did have valid reasons that I do agree with that the banks were very greedy. Companies, industries and individuals have an opportunity within a capitalistic society. Capitalism has lots of advantages, disadvantages, and different effects on different business.
First, I believe that the banks can be very greedy in capitalism. The different banks were giving out different types of loans to people who could not
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