Capitalism And Imperialism

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Imperialism is the policy of extending power and dominion of an empire. It is most notably accomplished through the acquisition of territory or gaining control of foreign political or economic systems. Capitalism, by nature, is imperialistic. While this system is not driven by nationalism, it does facilitate competitive rivalry, and it’s often distinguished by its usage of economic competition. Wage workers are hired by competing businesses in an industry, and these businesses strive to outperform each other. The most effective businesses sustain their dominance in the market by equipping themselves with the latest tools and tactics to gain increasing amounts of capital. From there, they continue to efficiently expand their territory to maximize profit and increase market power. Smaller businesses that do not efficiently grow their profit margin and increase their market share tend to fail in the shadows of these more powerful businesses.
The natural tendency of capitalism is to spread. Corporations are in constant pursuit to keep gaining access to new or untouched markets that will grant them the best prices for their products and services. They often do this by targeting new customer demographics, selling more products, and dispersing their products or services into new territories. As these corporations infiltrate new markets, maintaining market power would require that executives also continue to constantly innovate the framework of their businesses—refining and

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