Capratek Lms Module: Coaching. For The Years, Many Individuals

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CapraTek LMS Module: Coaching For the years, many individuals have decided to pursue their education via distance learning. Distance learning has given individuals the opportunity to learn and study course material at their own pace. Distance learning offers many advantages. First, many enjoy the convenience of distance learning that works around their schedule. Second, distance learning offers flexibility to learners with no set time to complete assignments and readings. A leaner is the master of their own schedule and can choose a time that works best for them (Study magazine). Lastly, the cost of distance learning is often cheaper than traditional education, with no added expenses.

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Companies adopt an LMS to centralize management of learning activities, track regulatory compliance, measure training usage, measure performance, and help in talent management (Noe, p. 370).

CapraTek’s LMS module topic will be on coaching. Coaching is an important part of leadership within a company. Coaching is a useful way of developing an individuals’ skills and abilities while boosting performance (Mindtools). Offering a coaching module will provide the management team guidance and assistance in leading their team; furthermore, this will enable managers to engage their team and help them build their human capital. The coaching module will focus on leading multiple generations, employee retention, gaining trust/credibility, leading multiple generations, and giving performance evaluations. For CapraTek’s coaching module, material will be presented using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The objectives for the coaching module include: 1. Decrease employee turnover by twenty percent within the next year. 2. Offer supportive and directive feedback to employees continuously.

Coaching Module: Gaining Credibility and Trust
First, managers will need to gain credibility and trust with their employees; furthermore, ice breaker exercises are perfect ways to get to know the people you work with. These exercises help strength work relationships and help build a team. Some example of ice breaker activities includes: 1. Two Truths and

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