Captain Tallman Swot Analysis

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Captain, This is for your eyes only. Have you ever seen this CATM Readiness Spreadsheet before? If not, this is a spreadsheet that Captain Tallman help to develop for LCDR Decoster (CNAL Readiness) and ALWT. The intend of the spreadsheet is to publish the NAE's CATM Readiness and hold the Program Offices responsible to meet the requirement for each CATM and fix our NRFI CATMs. At the same time, the spreadsheet will be used from my office to OPNAV and make pressure on them too. In addition, this will give CNAL full control of all the CATMs location and distribution including USMC's CATMs. Please do not distribute this email but I will encourage you to ask questions about the status of this CATM Readiness Spreadsheet. CATM Readiness

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