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NGID-PFO-CST 29 April 2017 MEMORANDUM THRU Class # 005-17, MSCoE NCOA Bldg. 3203 Thurman Hall, Room 1543/1544 MEMORANDUM FOR Maj Shaun Allen, Commander, 101st WMD-CST, 3552 West Ellsworth Street Boise, ID 83706 SUBJECT: Memorandum of Recommendation for SSG Alan Clark for Survey Section Recon NCO Position. 1. I highly recommend SSG Alan Clark for the position of Survey Section Recon NCO. SSG Clark has worked as a subject matter expert in the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) field for over sixteen years. Over a brief period of time SSG Clark has proven to possess great knowledge in CBRN related incidents that the 101st Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team has encountered. SSG Clark’s ability to connect to soldiers of all ranks and as well as technical and tactical knowledge is a great asset to the Survey Section. 2. The 101st Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team Survey Section is a challenging, taxing and specialized section. SSG Clark has demonstrated exemplary work ethic by taking the initiative of the Survey Section’s Strike Team capabilities and dramatically strengthened the capabilities of the Survey Section by using first hand knowledge of procedures and regulations that are required to load and secure equipment in the Aviation assets that…show more content…
SSG Clark continuously exceeds the performance standards for his position as a Survey Team Chief. SSG Clark willingly accepts new assignments and offers to help whenever and wherever he can. SSG Clark remains steadfast making good decisions with his experience while performing demanding additional duties as assigned. Possessing these skills granted SSG Clark to effectively lead and conduct missions with local HAZMAT Teams in the surrounding areas of incidents. The extensive knowledge that SSG Clark possesses of HAZMAT operations allowed him to inform First Responders of developing situations as they accrued insuring there was no lack of
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