Car Assembly Lines Research Paper

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Automobile Assembly Lines Henry Ford wanted to “put the world on wheels.” He and a team of engineers worked to create the first automotive production line. The assembly line helped Henry with his dream to mass produce vehicles at the lowest time as possible this made Henry Ford able to mass produce vehicles at a cheaper cost and limited the power of man. Technology changes the automotive industries by using assembly lines to mass produce vehicles. This makes vehicles cheaper and takes less time to make the vehicles.
The United States has the largest automotive markets in the world. The United States manufactures roughly 8 million vehicles annually (“How”). Engineers worked with ford to make machines that could produce cars parts that were needed in the vehicles. Early on, Ford was able to produce 2 million Model T’s and sold them for only 260 dollars. Henry Ford was striving to make as many cars as possible with the simplest design, he wanted the cars to be affordable, he wanted to “put the world on wheels” (“Evolution”). Ford soon began to expand around the world, manufacturing, and productivity helped 130,000 hour job salaries (“Innovation”).
Henry Ford’s goal was to make vehicles the simplest design and the least time as possible, so the public could afford them (“Evolution”). Ford’s model T had about three thousand parts and …show more content…

This makes vehicles cheaper and takes less time to make the vehicles. The United States is the largest automotive market in the world. Henry Ford needed a way to keep up with America's need for transportation. Henry Ford realized this and he came up with the assembly line, but not only he could mass produce vehicles, he also allowed them to be cheaper. Since the assembly lines vehicles have taken less time and money to make. Over the years the automotive industry has improved technology since when Henry Ford first made his assembly line

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