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Evaluation Essay Purchasing a new car can be one of the most exciting mile stones, especially when a favorite aunt has agreed to pay it in full! The obvious deciding factor is getting the coolest car to show off to a bunch of friends. However, there are many factors that should be considered to make a smart long term investment. When searching for the perfect vehicle some things to keep in mind are: compare key features including highway vs city mpg, dimensions, horsepower, and most importantly safety ratings. With that being said, narrowing down the car selection to a Toyota Corolla, Ford Fusion, and Honda HRV all fall into the $25,000 dollar budget range including money left over. With advancing technology and an increase in safety …show more content…

The Ford Fusion has positive ratings such as sharp handling, strong engine, upscale cabin, and has a roomy interior. A negative rating on the car is that it has limited review visibility, and has poor fuel economy. The Ford Fusion also does not have start-stop technology, supercharge, is not a gas guzzler, but does have turbo charge. The Ford Fusion has front-wheel drive. The car has a passenger volume of 103 square feet, and luggage volume of 12 square feet (“Find and Compare Cars”). The Ford Fusion was rated between better than most and about average. The Ford Fusion and the Honda HR-V both have an overall 5 star safety rating. Switching lanes, he dimensions of a 2017 Honda HR-V are; length, 169”; width, 70”; height, 63”. MSRP is 19,465 dollars, has a horsepower of 141 hp. The city mpg is 27 and the highway mpg is 31 (Best Cars). The total gas mileage range is 383 miles, the annual fuel cost is 1,300 dollars, and it costs 33 dollars to fill up a 13.2 gallon tank (“Find and Compare Cars”). The Honda HR-V has an overall 5 star safety rating. The Honda HR-V has positive ratings such as: flexible cargo space, spacious rear seats, and has a quiet cabin. A negative rating on the car is that it has a slow touch screen. The Honda HR-V also does not have start-stop technology, turbocharge, supercharge, but it is not a gas guzzler. The Honda HR-V has all wheel-drive.

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