Career And Technical Education Program

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Interest in Career and Technical Education programs as well as Career and Technical Student Organizations has heightened over the past ten years (Wood, 2006; 2012). When I was a high school sophomore, I sat in an Introductory Accounting course taught by a gruff teacher named Edward Key. While everyone else complained and fussed at learning the Accounting Equation of Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity, I hung on every debit and credit and soon discovered that my love of numbers and financial matters could be turned in a profitable business. I soon began completing tax forms for family members and continued through college. Supplementing my meager Work Study wages and even worked part time in the University Bursar Office. I was then introduced to a student organization and began to increase my leadership and interpersonal skills. Yes, I was a Career and Technical Education student and did not even know it at the time. Why should students enroll in Career and Technical Education programs of study is a question asked by many students, parents and educators. Why are Career and Technical Student Organizations important for student growth and overall maturation; and how does the combination of these two separate but deeply intertwined entities help a student become a well-rounded and productive person who contributes to the workforce? These are all questions that educators, parents and industry partners realize can be answered by combining enrollment in CTE programs
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