History Of Career Technical Education Essay

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This report will provide the history of career technical education in the United States and relevance of legislative actions, laws, acts and policies beginning as early as the 18th century and continuing through current-day society. Chronologically documented, the primary focus is on the Carl D. Perkins Career Technical Education 2006, its origin, issues and effects of each amendment that led to important federal government legislations. For an understanding of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education 2006 Act, an introduction section will provide information on amended acts, laws, and policies that led to the present act and career technical education. Other sections will discuss time periods of local and national legislation changes in the Carl D. Perkins Act, how they affect the present and future of career and technical education. A brief conclusion of the entire research to include summary findings and references.
Vocational Education has been around throughout history in ways that were not noticed as a trending way for education. After the wars, families were self-sustained through personal knowledge and self-learned skills needed to survive. As society, advanced, newer, more efficient ways of completing tasks and learning took place, to include assistance outside the home, so families could better provide for itself. It was through these advancements that paved the way to vocational education as we know it today. There has been

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