Career And Transition Into College

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Success is what the majority of every college student hopes and aims for throughout their entire college career. College success and education often determines how the rest of a student’s life will be. Therefore, there is an immense amount of pressure involved when it comes to going to college and students tend to get extremely overwhelmed. In order to have a successful career and transition into college, one must maintain a healthy state of mental health. Mental health can be negative or positive and there are numerous amounts of ways to help students with their mental health overall. Mental health is the state of mind an individual has and it involves ones physical health and emotions. Mental health in college is immensely important, yet extremely hard to maintain. Transitioning into college involves leaving families and friends behind, receiving more homework, living in a new area and living space with someone else, trying to balance school, work and a social life, and trying to find time to just relax and take a break. For some, the transition into college is simple and easy to do. For others, the transition into college can be scary and hard to cope with. Physically, college students either gain more weight, due to the amount of food available, or they lose too much weight, due to stress or just not enough time in the day to take a break. Also, college students tend to not have as much time as they used to for exercise which can prove to be unhealthy and can add to

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