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Introduction: Within the growing job market, there are plenty of career choices one can take on to create a financially stable lifestyle and live a successful life. When looking at job careers, it is often a hard choice to choose which pathway might be the best to lead one towards success. In addition to choosing a pathway it is pertinent to learn the background as well as stepping stones to leave a person with more of an understanding of that profession, especially if the focus of career is dealing with Human Resources. One field that one might look into as a profession would be Human Resource within recreation. With HR being a growing field in recreation, it is important to become equipped in the building blocks to be successful in…show more content…
Human resource and management has changed in name various times throughout history. The name change was mainly due to the change in economic, social, and recreational activities throughout history. According to a recently researched article on the early history of recreation and leisure, Recreation has dated back to as far as A.D. 80. There have been many documents and artifacts found that lead researchers back to proof of early leisure and recreation activities. With these facts being presented and looking at the HR aspect of early on activities, one can’t help but presume that there was some type of management of said activities.(Jones and Butler) ( Within the HR profession one common duty held is management. One of the first documented HR professions in general was the Industrial welfare. This was the first form of human resource management. With that being said, from the industrial period to now there has been many branches of management as well as HR careers leading us to what out topic today is HR. recreation. One of the jobs mentioned before in this article was the HR in Parks and Recreation. There are many ways to become attributed with information on jobs within the parks and recreation field regarding an HR profession. One of the most common jobs held in HR recreation is within the parks and rec field. There are many jobs that can take place within the field. With human

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