Evolution Of Human Resource Management Essay

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Evolution of Human Resource Management
Administrative Functions The objective of the Human Resource Department is to design management systems to ensure human talent is maximized to effectively and efficiently achieve organizational goals. HR has seven functions that are intertwined. These functions are global, environmental, cultural geographic, political, social, legal, economic, and technological. Human resource management has the potential to drastically impact the success and effectiveness of an organization. Human Resources has heavily focused on recordkeeping and paperwork. It has often been considered a clerical and low-level administrative department. In most organizations, Human Resources is looked upon as the employee mediator in the organization. They tend to be the voice of the employee, building company morale and putting out fires involving crisis management. The problems they deal with are both employee work-related and not work-related. HR strives to ensure fair treatment for all employees. They work with varying departments throughout the organization in order to create and implement necessary programs and policies. HR works with equal employment opportunity and other laws, to ensure compliance. They work to fill current job openings by processing applications, interviewing, and training. They answer questions regarding benefits and wages and address safety issues. The expansion of technology and outsourcing have drastically transformed the
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