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I have had many jobs throughout my life but now I am with an amazing career. Through a crazy set of events over my life; I was introduced to archaeology. My jobs have consisted of being a dancer, working in food establishments, a cashier, a sales person, a daycare teacher, a school bus driver, a church secretary and owning my business. These jobs may not have had a direct influence on my current career choice but they have all made me the person I am today. In most of my jobs I have pushed myself to excel and move up the “corporate ladder”. I started my archaeology career by keeping books for my ex-boss, Jeffrey Pangburn. I was promoted to his office manager but it was not until he fired me, that my career really began. Excelling in …show more content…

My main job was office manager. However, I felt learning about archaeology would help me to excel in this position. I had no knowledge of archaeology except the occasional arrow-head hunting I did while married to my ex. Jeff began taking me out to the field, showing me all the steps and procedures of his job. Every day out in the field was like being on a class field trip. I learned that archaeology entails more than looking for arrow heads. Because of my time in the field and the vast amount of information Jeff taught me, my skills in the office improved. My office duties also included writing archaeological reports and filling out the forms. These reports and forms include detailed information about the cultural materials, geology, and topology. Having the knowledge from working in the field made filling out the forms and writing the reports easier. Unfortunately, over the six years with Jeff, the business grew and I had less time in the field. All of that changed on February 24th, 2017.
Jeff was not only my boss but we were also best friends. No matter what was going on I could always give Jeff my honest opinion. Even if he did not agree with me or I with him, we respected each other’s point of view. That began to change during the last year of employment. There were many times I would voice my opinion or point of view. During these discussions Jeff would become volatile. I have no problem

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