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Essay Question: What are your short-term and long-term career goals? How will the Columbia Business School MBA help you achieve these goals? I have always been told to figure out what you like to do and then make a career out of it. Eight years ago, armed with this bit of philosophy, I set out to find out what I liked to do. Before entering college I realized that my interests lay in business. In college, my courses in business were the ones looked forward to the most, and my business projects and presentations were the most challenging and rewarding of all my undergraduate course work. So, it was easy for me to decide to pursue a career in business when I graduated from college, leading to a career as a defined contribution …show more content…

While I have gained some international exposure in my current role, I know that there is still a great deal more than I need to learn before I can achieve my dream of building a business in the Asia market. The programs and resources that Columbia offers in international business will help me to bolster my knowledge in this area. I would love to have the chance to participate in the Chazen Institute’s exchange program with a partner school, especially the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Not only would I learn a lot by participating in this program, but I am also confident that I could teach my fellow students the things that I have learned in my previous Chinese studies. Also, given the fact that I want to one day pursue a life of entrepreneurship, I am interested in Columbia’s emphasis on this area. While I do not plan on launching my new venture immediately after school, I would like to participate in the Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization or compete with a team in a business plan competition. There are so many bright students attending Columbia from all over the globe, I am excited about exploring the idea of entrepreneurship with them. My professional experiences thus far have enabled me to learn a great deal while reaching my aggressive professional goals. I know I will maintain the personal dedication and hard work necessary to achieve even greater goals in the next ten years. These

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