Career Of Career : Stage / Film Producer

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• Name of career: Stage/Film Producer
• Career description/nature of work: Plan and coordinate multiple components of radio, television, stage, or motion picture production (“National Center,” 2017). For example, choosing scripts, directing and editing, managing writing, and organizing finances (“National Center,” 2017).
• Education/training: Bachelor’s Degree and several years of experience in motion picture production, television production, theater production, working as an actor, film and video editor, cinematographer, etc. (“Occupational Outlook,” 2015). No on the job training is typically provided (“Occupational Outlook,” 2015).
• Appropriate undergraduate major(s): Film or Cinema Studies, Writing, Acting, Journalism,
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Career and Personality Fit
Three aspects of my personality type/natural preferences that fit well within this type of career are my strengths of Learner, Responsibility, and Input (CliftonStrengths, 2012). I feel these strengths relate to being a Producer because Responsibility reflects my commitment to doing quality work and meeting deadlines, while Learner indicates my ability to adapt and learn new techniques and skills for specific projects (CliftonStrengths, 2012). Context is a relevant strength in being a Film/Stage Producer because it helps me to understand and work well with others, and the confidence in understanding how things came to be/influenced each other help me to make good decisions (CliftonStrengths, 2012). As for workplace preferences, I would get to work autonomously without lots of supervision which I would find enjoyable (Hammer, 2004).
An aspect of the type of work required in this career that would not match my personal preferences is that I would not get much private time to work on a project (Hammer, 2004). Communicating and coordinating different production components is a large part of a producer’s job. While I would get some private work time, a good portion of my day would be spent working with many people (“National Center,” 2017).
Career and Personal Skills Fit
Some aspects of this career in terms of tasks performed/skills required
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