Career Options For A Finance

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There are many career options available to an individual who has earned a degree in finance. The careers offered to students who graduate with a finance degree can be located in the corporate world or public sector. College graduates may seek careers in a corporate and public finance department, in portfolio management, or investment banking. Salary ranges for careers in finance range from under $35,000.00 annually to well over $100.000.00 annually. It is important for the finance major to choose the correct area of finance because the demand in each area will be significantly different.
Investment Banking
Rudy (2005) noted “corporate, public, and other financial officers enlist the help of outside experts. Investment …show more content…

Stocks are securities that give the holder ownership of a portion of the company” (p. 16). The treasurer and his or her staff will also handle investment duties. These investments may include but is not limited to investment in employee retirement funds. A treasurer of a company may also be responsible for overall cash management of an organization. Cash management will include duties in the area of capital-raising and establishing and maintaining good relationships with commercial banks to solidify timely deposits for money earned and owed by the company. A treasurer will add value to an organization by establishing the overall financial plan of the organization through their vision. The treasurer will add value to a company by handling funds with a high standard with integrity. A treasurer will also add value by identifying and managing risk of an organizations assets and confidential information. A treasurer will add value to any organization by providing timely and accurate financial reports. Accurate financial reports a vital for a business to track budget performance.
Rudy (2005) indicated “finance is essential to the operations of the government at every level-federal, state, county, and municipal. Government bodies, unlike corporations, do not seek to make a profit; however, they need to

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