College Degree Vs High School Diploma

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College Degree vs High School Diploma Do we really need a college degree to be a successful human? Is a high school diploma good enough to live a great life? Does working at a fast food franchise such as Mcdonald 's appeal to you? Do you want to work a nine dollar wage job for the rest of your life? Working a nine hour job, whereas you can be earning forty dollars an hour seem fair? I strongly consider that having a college degree is well accepted and needed to be a successful person in todays society. I will illustrate you points that will help you answer the questions asked. Starting from, minimum wage comparison, unemployment rates between a college degree and a high school diploma only, the unemployment rate, and yearly income on both. According to an online salary information website, a banker who just graduated and has their high school diploma will earn about twenty five dollars an hour at a bank. ( Earning Gap Between, 8) Take in mind this individual will have to go through a training program in order to be able to achieve the correct banking skills for the job. Although twenty five dollars an hour is a great pay for someone who didn 't have to stress out on college classes, financial aid, and etc. it is not equal to what you would obtain if you had a college degree. Having your college degree at a bank earns you a better chance on getting a higher position, resulting in a better pay! You can go from earning twenty five dollars an hour to earning forty dollars

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