Essay on Carl Friedrich Gauss

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Carl Friedrich Gauss was born in Braunshweigh, Germany, now lower Saxon Germany, where his parents lived and they were considered a pretty poor family during their time. His father worked many jobs as a gardener and many other trades such as: an assistant to a merchant and a treasurer of a small insurance fund. While his mother on the other hand was a fairly smart person but semiliterate, and before she married her husband she was a maid, the only reason for marrying him was to get out of the job because she was so tired of it. She was very unhappy in the marriage trying her hardest to put the unhappiness behind her, so that she could make sure that Carl always had her loving devoted attention and support at whatever he did and was sure to…show more content…
Buttner was astonished, he could not believe that Carl was finished so fast, and had no idea how he had done it. So Carl proceeded in telling him that: “the method was to realize that pair wise addition of terms from opposite ends of the list yield identical intermediate sums: 1+100=101, 99+2=101, 3+98=101 and so on for a total sum of 50 x 101= 5050. (Wikipedia)”. After all these shenanigans and many, more Carl caught the eye of the Duke of Braunshweig. The Duke found him in school when he was in eleventh grade studying with a teacher named Mr. Bartels, who was convinced to let him work in the gymnasium were he made very quick progression in all his studies. Then the professors form Collegium and a Private Conclure to the duke offered friendship and encouragement and good offices at court. When finally it was time and the Duke sent him through Collegium Carolinum (now Technische Universitat Braunshweig) where he attended from 1792 to 1795 and after that the Duke sent him to another university called the University of Gottingen form 1795 to 1798, where he studied his little heart out. While in Collegium in 1797, he collected a very ripe and seasoned education filled with science and classical education way beyond those his age. He was way ahead of those his age in ways such as already been able to dig his hands into elementary geometry, algebra and analysis. Even before he got to the
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