Carl Marx And Friedrich Engels

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After a strong analysis of society’s current conditions, Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels knew that something had to be done, and Marx was already on the path to the right idea (Kemerling 2011). The idea of communism began in 1844 with a set of books titled German-French Annals written by Marx. This was the beginning stage of Marx and Engels lifelong friendship as scholars and critics of ideas. Although all did not appreciate their criticism, Marx was ultimately expelled from France for his writings. He then moved to Belgium where he would write arguably one of the most notable documents in the world, the Communist Manifesto (Editors). They were fed up with the typical situation of the bourgeoisie having most of the power, and the proletariats struggling for a chance to even make a living. They wanted a society not based off of social class, and in return they wanted to create a society with no sign of private property or social classes (Hunt 2013). These conditions were the major fueling factor for the idea of communism, and although this idea was not adopted immediately into society it gave the world a whole new look on the way societies could be organized. The current system in place at the time was Capitalism, and Marx refused to recognize anything good that could ever possibly come about from it. There were other countries that were prospering in many different ways off of Capitalism, but Marx never had anything positive to say about the system. He claimed that

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