Carl Rogers’ Theory of Personality

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Personality Theory Paper

Personality Theory Paper
From the theories of Sigmund Freud to humanistic theories of personality, how one views others greatly influences how one sees the world and vice versa. Because the theories are so different—some suggesting that human nature is ill, evil, or bad, while others believe it is intrinsically good—it is easy to see why people’s views of others and the world are so different. However, each person has a single theory or belief that influences the way they others. For me, that theory is Carl Rogers’ theory of personality, and this theory greatly impacts how I view others in society and in the workplace, in addition to my own role in society and the
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My role in society is different from how they perceive theirs. According to Rogers (n.d.), Carl Rogers strove to empower others to be the best that they could be through therapy, including therapy that involved giving of one’s personal self through relevant self-disclosure and through really listening to a person’s problems (“Personality Synopsis, 2004). This is how I see my role in society. I see it as my responsibility to be the best I can
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