Carl Sanders ' Political Discourse

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a democrat or a republican he is speaking about the issues to everyone and by doing so his progressive ideas are being heard, through constitutive dialogue, which disrupts political discourse.
Bernie Sanders’ political discourse has catapulted him to one of the front-runners of the 2016 presidential race. Sanders’ is bringing forth his thoughts and ideas that represent who he is. The representation precedes how Sanders wants to govern and transport his ideas into meaningful content. One of Sanders key rhetorical strategies has been to bring awareness to how capitalism and politics are intertwined and how this relationship impacts the American people. Friedrich Nietzsche’s essay “On Truth and Lying in a Non-moral Sense” provides a philosophical view on dissimulation and how societies act politically and socially. The task of dissimulation in society is to develop a belief that we’re all part of a unity, but what looks like a unity can also be imaginary and full of deception. Capitalism was the answer to a democratic society, to be free of hierarchies that have been known as corrupt societies who provide for those in power and have the poor go without. The ideology of capitalism does have a way of being pure and truthful economically, but that can change with greed. Dissimulation by greed can create inequalities and can go unnoticed until the society as a whole feels the harmful effects. The content we receive becomes our truth, but it’s all a

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