Carol Ann Duffy's Beauty And The Beast

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“Beauty and the Beast” is a fairy tale entrenched in many cultures and the human imagination. Despite the original “Beauty and the Beast” tale by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont, being defined by a male character, Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, “Mrs. Beast” includes the female perspective. His only ability is pleasing his wife sexually, not emotionally. He is shown as weaker than his wife due to his unattractive image. The beast is surprised that the narrator is interested in him and depicted as desperate to keep her attention even if he has to live with her neglect. She is portrayed as a power hungry, sovereign character who is assertive over his husband by taking control of one’s sexuality while maintaining her feminine identity. Duffy incorporates the gender switch as the female character illustrates the stereotypical male dominant role. By Mrs. Beast treating the husband as inferior, shows the similarities of how men have treated women throughout the years. References to the other fairytales are integrated to show how male dominance has been in society for decades. Mrs. Beast is cognizant of gender prejudice but is incapable of seeing female-male affiliations as anything other than an endeavor for supremacy, thus maltreating the beast the way she claims how men have taken advantage of women.
Throughout the poem, Duffy depicts the Beast as submissive to the narrator through the use of commands and his actions. Commands are used to control the Beast as she tells him to “bring

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