Cars In The 1920's

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It is pretty clear that cars that are made in modern times are particularly different then how cars were first made in the 1920’s. For instance in the 1920’s workers focused on more of the cars features then the safety aspects. Where as now engineers focus on safety of a vehicle rather than its features. There are also new inventions such as airbags and in-car sensors. Where as in the 1920’s version of the car all it consisted of was the steering wheel, seats, gear shifts and the gas tank. There have been many new modifications from back then to now. Now let’s go into the present day with electric cars, electric cars are automobiles that are propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or a different energy …show more content…

Eventually electric cars had a down fall and almost everybody went back to gasoline automobiles. That however, wasn’t the end of electric cars completely, they had made a comeback in 2006 when Tesla Motors publicly unveils the ultra-sporty Tesla Roadster at the San Francisco International Auto show In November. Since Gas prices reached an all-time high it was very easy for car makers to shift over into making smaller, more fuel efficient cars, preferably ones that didn’t run on gas. Electric cars are a lot smaller and people with big families obviously won’t be able to take them on family outings, but I wouldn’t be surprised with car making industries start making more fuel efficient SUV’s or Trucks. By the looks of how things are going I say electric cars are going to take off at any moment. Now we push onto the future of self-driving cars, no one is thinking that self-driving cars is coming anytime soon, but they couldn’t be more wrong. According to Alex hern a person who rode in a prototype of a self- driving car had this to

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