Case 1-1: “What They Didn’t Teach in the Sales Class" Case 1-1 What They Didn't Teach Us in the Sales Class

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Case 1-1: “What They Didn’t Teach in the Sales Class" 1. Should Rick Lester “turn in his keys”? • Rick Lester should not give up that easily and blame his job. No job can be done effortlessly. He should take everything as a challenge and learn from them. In this way, he can maximize his ability in coping up with similar instances that he faces in his job and being able to overcome much easier than he it was before. These will him a better person and a salesperson. He must develop to an optimistic person and try to take the risk for him to achieve his goals. 2. How should Mr. Brown handle this situation? What should he say to Rick? • As Rick’s mentor, he should help and encourage him. Teach Rick some of the basic…show more content…
• Professors should not just base their teachings and discussions on the book alone but involve the students in the reality of the business and marketing world. For the students to be exposed and to have hands on experience. Professors should also provide activities that have applications for the terminologies and methods that are shown in the book. Everybody Sells (Reaction Paper) In the past, I am an active type of a kid before. I’m really amused with what is see in people and media. As of that time I don’t have the purchasing power that is why I go to the people that has it, which is either my mom or my dad. I usually sell them the thing I like or I have interest in like; before, I was addicted with sports like BMX and skateboarding. For me to provide for parts and accessories, I sell the sports to my mom or dad by frequently watching X games and sport channels and involving them to it and therefore convincing them to buy me one. Presently as a student, I want to achieve good grades as to have clean records that I will be using in the future to have a good career. I sell myself through making a good impression to the teachers and doing my best to capture their attention by actively participating in class and having good grades in our exams. After I graduate, I want to practice my profession first and earn a job that perfectly suits my needs and interests. In order to have this, I

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