Case 10 : Jake And Privacy Essay

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Case 10: Jake and Privacy Who has moral responsibility for deciding what to do? In this case we are introduced to Jake Markos, a computer programmer at ALAC Marketing. Jake is posed with the ethical dilemma of whether or not to include secret spyware in a survey software he’s developing for the Diabetes Foundation, with the intention of attaining and marketing to the foundations donor’s emails. Jake is very much an introverted person and likes his job at ALAC because it challenges him, he can work alone for the most part and dreads the process of job hunting. Jake encountered this ethical dilemma when his boss, Nathan Brooke who is well aware of Jakes capabilities and vulnerabilities, suggests that he should include an extra line of code within a surveying software Jake had been working on.. Nathans intention was to acquire the email information of the wealthy donors of the Diabetes Foundation in order to market Circulex, an expensive pharmaceutical drug beneficial to diabetic’s blood flow, to them. The Circulex contract was a very profitable one for ALAC and Nathan’s main objective was to satisfy it. After suggesting Jake add in the spyware to the foundations survey, Nathan then went on to suggest that if Jake didn’t do it he would have to look for work elsewhere. Knowing Jake’s docile, introverted personality traits and essentially threatening him with termination, we can already see Nathan manipulating Jake into doing the task, regardless of Jakes moral hesitations.

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