Case Analysis On Brainiac University Law School Essay

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Case #1 Case one is based on Nesbitt, who graduated from Brainiac University Law School. “He applied for a job at Dewey, Getem and Howe”, and was granted an interview. Dillan Dewey, who was part of the interviewing process, was so impressed with Nesbitt’s overall interview that at the end they shook hands and he stated “We are very impressed with you young man! How would you like a position with our firm?” To which he replies “I’d be honored!”. After the interview, when Nesbitt was leaving the office, a conversation concerning “the upcoming provincial election.” The firm was closely connected to the People’s Party, and thus did a vast amount of work for that party. Where as Nesbitt, “was never one to shrink from political debate”, supported the Freedom Party. Which lead to the men became immersed in a “political discussion”. Leaving the office, Nesbitt was concerned about where he now stood with the law firm after their heated discussion. One week after the interview he received a letter informing him that although he impressed them, the could not hire him because of his “strong affiliation with the Freedom party”. Also, stating that if they were to hire him they “would stand to lose upwards of 50% of our valued clientele, should we begin courting ties with the Freedom Party.” The first, and most obvious course of action that Nesbitt is likely to try and take would be to sue for discrimination. They denied him a job that he had an extremely successful interview for, and

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