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Petrobras Petrobras Profile: Petroleo Brasileiro S.A or Petrobras, is a Semi-Publique Brazilian Multinational Corporation of energy, whose headquarter is in Rio de Janeiro. Petrobras was born in 1953, by then president Getuilo Vargas, on behalf of the union to take in charge of the oil sector. While its installation was done in 1954 with production of 2663 barrels of oil. Also 54% or Brazil consumption was done by oil in 1954.The Company is huge in the Southern Hemisphere as a total market value and the Research Center is largest in Latin America, which is in constant growth. (, n.d.) The company is propelled by impute of supplying the energy that drives development and make sure the future of the society with adequacy, affability, ethics and respect for diversity. Main integration of the company is in the sectors like production, exploration, refining, transportation, marketing, petrochemicals, distribution, oil product, electricity, natural gas, electricity, bio-fuel and chemical gas. Petrobras have 135 production platforms, 31,000 kilometres of pipelines, and 15 refineries and upwards of 8,000 service stations, also reserves of around 16,000 billion barrels of oil. (2) From 2007 to 2008, the company discovered gigantic fields named TUPI (Depth 5000 metres), JUPITER and Sao Paulo (Depth 6000-6300 metres) below the Sea-level. Petrobras has a business management plan with an objectives to generate a value for the shareholders. The plan projects a return of

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