Case Analysis : Yankee Gas Services Company

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I. Case Summary
Plaintiffs Yankee Gas Services Company and the Connecticut Light and Power Company, sued the defendant UGI Utilities. The Yankee Gas Services Company and the Connecticut Light and Power Company own thirteen manufactured gas facilities (MGPs) that were once owned by the defendants. The plaintiffs appeal before the judge in a trial to recover costs that they made in response to an MGP pollution from 1884 to 1941. The judgment ruled that UGI Utilities was not the owner of nine of the MGPs at the time, and held them completely accountable. Both parties were held reliable to pay for portions of the costs. The judgment ruled in favor of the defendant. The judges present in this case were Circuit judges Guido Calabresi, Reena Raggi and Districts judges John Gleeson. In the case, “Upon due consideration, it is hereby ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the judgment of the district court entered on March 31, 2010, is AFFIRMED”

II. Description of the Parties-
Yankee Gas Service Company was a gas company that had bought some Manufactured gas facilities from UGI Utilities that were in need of some environmental cleaning. The only facility that ended up being brought into court was the Waterbury North Manufactured Gas Plant. UGI was the operator of the plant a century ago.
III. Factual background of the Case-
In the case of Yankee Gas Services Vs. UGI Utilities, Yankee Gas Utilities bought manufacture gas plant facilities from UGI Utilities. UGI Utilities was the

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